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Efficacy and safety of subconjuctival bevacizumab injection in the management of pterygium

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Meenakshi Pathania, VS Gurunadh, MA Khan

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Purpose: To assess the efficacy and safety of sub-conjunctival bevacizumab in the management of grade II and III pterygium. Materials and Methods: Cases of pterygium with no other ocular abnormality and with no systemic disorders were subjected to anterior segment photography and graded. Ten cases of grade III pterygium and eleven cases of grade II pterygium were administered subconjunctival intralesional injection of 2.5mg/0.1ml of bevacizumab. Anterior segment photographs were taken on day 7, day 28 and day 90 along with complete ocular examination and general physical examination. The pterygium vascularity, size and thickness were assessed keeping note of any adverse effects ophthalmic or otherwise. An evaluation of the symptoms before injection and at day 90 was also done. Results: There was statistically significant improvement in the grade, color, intensity, size of pterygium, and symptoms of patients. There was a decrease in symptoms of redness, itching, watering, and irritation. Of the 10 cases with Grade III on enrollment, 08 (80%) had shown a decrease in vascularity with half of them graded as II and the remaining half as grade I. Of the 11 cases of Grade II pterygium at baseline, 05 (45%) cases changed to grade I by day 90. Conclusion: This study revealed that the sub-conjunctival injection of bevacizumab was found to be useful in reduction of symptoms of patients with grade III & II pterygium with no local or systemic adverse effects.

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Bevacizumab, Pterygium, Subconjuctival, Treatment.

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