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Effects of aerobic exercise on fatigue level and quality of life in type-2 diabetes people, A cross – sectional observational study

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Research Article

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Khushbu D. Rathod, Jaspreet Kaur Kang

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Introduction: Fatigue, sleepiness, tiredness, lacking of energy and exhaustion are words commonly used in everyday life interchangeably. Fatigue may also be related to psychological factors such as depression, emotional distress, and it’s also related to the diagnosis or intensity of diabetes self-management regimens. It’s also related to lifestyle issues such as lack of exercise, overweight, and mostly common in type-2 diabetes. Diabetes mellitus a major public health problem. Aerobic exercise is accepted as a therapeutic strategy for type-2 diabetes because of its beneficial effects on glycaemic profile. Objective: The purpose of the study was to observe the effects of aerobic exercise on fatigue level and quality of life in type -2 diabetes persons. Materials and Methods: 12 subjects (7 females; 5 males) randomly selected were given aerobic exercise given for 1 month. The effect of aerobic exercise were measured by Patients health questionnaire (PHQ-9) (quality of life) and Fatigue severity scales (FSS) for fatigue levels. The means of pre and post intervention data were measured using a paired t –test. Conclusion: There was significant difference between pre and post PHQ-9 &FSS after 4 weeks of aerobic exercise in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients.

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Aerobic exercise, Diabetes mellitus, PHQ-9, FSS.

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