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Dry eye syndrome in reproductive age group women on oral contraceptives

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Manoj Tyagi, Praveen Khare, Amita Sharma

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Purpose: To investigate the correlation between dry eye syndrome with Androgen profile and its relation with use of Oral Contraceptives in females within child bearing age. Materials and Methods: Study consists of 100 healthy women between 20-49 years, out of which 50 were on OCPs (Oral contraception pills) and rest 50 as control group were not taking any hormonal contraceptives. Androgen profile was carried out by Enzyme Immuno Assay on blood samples which were collected during 6th to 8th day (Early follicular phase) of menstrual cycle. The tear secretion was measured by Schirmer’s test. Qualitative parameter of tear film was measures by Tear Breakup time (TBUT). Statistical analysis was done to determine the correlation between tear film parameters and androgen profile and oral contraceptive use. Results: Our result demonstrate that androgen profile (serum testosterone and DHEA levels) were decreased significantly (P Conclusion: Our findings shows that androgen levels decrease in women taking oral contraceptives. These results support that androgen deficiency and oral contraceptives may be an important etiological factor in pathogenesis of dry eye syndrome in premenopausal women.

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Androgen profile, Schirmer's test, Tear film breakup time, Dry eye syndrome, Oral contraceptives

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