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Applicability of team based learning in pharmacology

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Amruta V Dashputra1,*, Tript Srivastava2 , Suresh Chari3 , Amit Date4 , T R Shende5

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Introduction: Working effectively within teams has been recognized by medical educators as an important competency for learners. While problem based learning was implemented year ago, Team based learning (TBL) is new strategy TBL allows a single instructor to manage multiple small groups simultaneously in one classroom and has the potential to promote small group, interactive learning without requiring large number of facilitators. Objective: 1) Introducing TBL in Pharmacology in II MBBS students. 2) Evaluation and comparison of conventional teaching methods with Team based Learning. Method: II MBBS students (n= 150) were randomly divided into two groups. Group A was allotted with conventional teaching; group B was exposed to team based learning method. Different clinical case scenario related to selected topic of pharmacology, were chosen for TBL. MCQ of topic was administered to the students as pre test and post test. After TBL feedback was taken. Result: Comparison of scores of pre test and post test of both the group A and group B was done by applying paired t-test. This was significant in both groups (p< 0.001). Comparative data analysis by using paired difference between both groups, A and B was highly significant (p value

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Active learning, Team, Conventional teaching, Medical education

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