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International Journal of Current Research and Review

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A Study Correlating the Presence of Inflammatory Marker “C-Reactive Protein” in Fracture Patients

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Naresh Kumar

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Objectives: The present study has been conducted to establish a relation between patient with fractures having time duration upto two weeks and presence of C-reactive protein in their serum. Materials and Methods: One hundred and three patients with fractures at different site and different time duration have been studied for the presence of inflammatory marker; C-reactive protein. The protein is detected using qualitative Slide agglutination method. Result: It has been found that out of one hundred and three patients studied, only 43.68% showed positive result and 56.31% were found negative for C-reactive protein in their serum. Conclusion: There is a poor co-relation between presence of C-reactive protein and fracture. This shows that it is not necessary that every patient with fracture will be having raised CRP level in their serum.

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Inflammatory markers, C-reactive protein, Fracture, Agglutination

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