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Resilient Design. A synoptic framework

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Claudio Germak

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Design, the planning discipline targeted at products, services, and processes, has developed, in recent years, behaviours that are more aware of increasingly rapid changes, which concern both the models of production and consumption and those that regulate ecosystems – composed of individuals and communities. It acts to benefit ‘sustainability’ and ‘resilience’ on different scales and in multiple sectors, thanks also to its own identity, which distinguishes it as a kind of knowledge that connects humanities and technologies. It has learned to plan for what can place the system in crisis, developing collaborative actions to adapt to the internal causes such as exceeding the limits of development, migration, ageing, as well as mitigation regarding those external causes, such as natural disasters, even if these often depend on the first causes. This essay is intended to provide a wide panorama, almost a synoptic framework, of the contribution that Design can offer society in terms of ‘resistance’ and ‘resilience’, also considering critical events as an opportunity to evolve its orientations and practices.

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resilient design, sustainable design, systemic design, design by components, design culture

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