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The Influence of Binaural Meditative Sounds on Menses-Prosex Processes

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Gabriela Iorgulescu | Liliana Neagu

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Though the benefits of music have been recognized since ancient times, the muzicoterapiei remains unexplored as is proper in the sense of knowledge influence on various bodily functions as well as its use in the treatment or regulation of physiological, cognitive, affective and behavioral processes. Although many researchers have made their contribution in this respect, the scientific results are amazed every year by new discoveries made in laboratories or clinical halls, presented at numerous international conferences and symposia, thus highlighting the psychosomatic impact of music determined by various functions emotional, cognitive, physiological, pedagogical, social, therapeutic and entertainment . Our study aimed to know the influence of meditative binaural sounds on academic performance, the results reveal that they inhibit the ability to concentrate and learn work memory , diminish resistance to effort and generate psychosomatic discomfort. However, recording and storing images visual memory seems to be facilitated in the ultra relaxing meditation state, confirming studies that claim that during the memorization of images, intense theta activity is recorded, and they are associated with deep meditation. by Gabriela Iorgulescu | Liliana Neagu "The Influence of Binaural Meditative Sounds on Menses-Prosex Processes" Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-3 | Issue-2 , February 2019, URL: Paper URL:

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binaural sounds, brain waves, attention, memory, brain stimulation

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