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Relationship between ischemia modified albumin and lipid profile in type 2 diabetes mellitus

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Priya Patil1,* , Shruthi Rai P2

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Introduction: Ischemia modified albumin (IMA), is new biomarker of oxidative stress and ischemia. IMA being increased in Diabetes Mellitus has been described in many studies. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) a metabolic disorder is characterised by hyperglycemia, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. So, our aim was to estimate the levels of IMA in type 2 DM subjects. Also to evaluate the relationship of IMA with all the parameters in lipid profile (TC, LDL, HDL, TG) in type 2 DM subjects. Materials and Methods: 120 subjects were selected from the medicine OPD of Justice K S Hegde Charitable Hospital, Mangalore for study. The subjects attending the hospital were from coastal areas of southern India. Out of which 60 subjects were type 2 DM patients as per the ADA guidelines and 60 subjects were age and sex matched controls. The biochemical parameters estimated were FPS, 2hr-PG, HbA1C, Lipid profile (TC, TG, LDL, VLDL, HDL) and IMA. The results were expressed in absorbance units (ABSU). Data obtained was analyzed using SPSS 20. Results: The Fasting and postprandial plasma glucose, HbA1c, serum TG, TC, LDL, HDL, IMA were significantly increased in type 2 DM patients than in control subjects with the p value Conclusion: The present study suggests that measuring IMA in dyslipidemic diabetic patients will provide an early index of ischemia and its severity. This would help in the better management and prognosis of DM.

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Hyperglycemia, Hyperlipidemia, Type 2 Diabetes mellitus, IMA.

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