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Study of serum protein and electrophoretic pattern in pumonarytuberculosis patients

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Suhasini Padugupati1,*, K. Kiran Kumar2 , L. Vasantha3 , D.V.H.S. Sarma4

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Tuberculosis, one of the oldest diseases known to affect humans, particularly in under developed and developing countries and is a major cause of death worldwide. This study deals with the estimation of total serum proteins, albumin levels and its electrophoretic pattern in pulmonary tuberculosis patients and analyses, the changes with reference to the severity of the disease. The present study included a total number of 40 subjects comprising of 20 cases and 20 controls. Total serum protein was estimated by modified biuret end point assay method, albumin by bromocresol green end point assay method and serum protein electrophoresis using Helena electrophoretic apparatus SAS-MX serum protein gel. Total proteins were slightly decreased in cases compared to controls value. Albumin was significantly decreased in cases compared to controls. Alpha-1 globulins slightly increase in cases compared to controls. No change in levels of alpha-2 globulins in controls and cases. Beta globulins very slightly decrease in cases compared to controls. Gamma globulins significantly increases in cases compared to controls. Student’s t-test was performed to test the difference between the groups. The level of significance selected was P-value

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MTB: Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Electrophoretic pattern of proteins.

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